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Guide on how to make your AV presentations a success!

As an event planner, your main goal is to plan..

Guide on how to make your AV presentations a success!

2As an event planner, your main goal is to plan and oversee corporate events. Many of these events – be it a trade show, convention, or conference – will feature audio & visual presentations. This guide/checklist will assist in making all AV presentations at your upcoming corporate events a success.


Audiovisual Requirements

What are the presenters’ specific audiovisual requirements? Does the company desire just a basic setup or a more comprehensive production that includes staging, lighting, and a video recording of the event? Pass this information on to your AV provider and anybody else who might need to know. Depending on the venue, this might include a room scheduler. If you are in charge of selecting a venue, make sure it is a good fit based on the audiovisual requirements by the presenter.


AV Team

Make sure to have open and clear lines of communication with your AV provider at all times. Find out if additional audiovisual staff is needed. For example, in case the organizer desires for the event to be filmed, does the designated AV team have the necessary equipment and capabilities?



Figure out the details in regards to set up time. When will the general setup of chairs, tables, and other pieces be completed, and when should the AV provider begin their audiovisual setup? What time will they be finished and do a tech check together with the presenters? Make sure the presenters have ample time to review their presentations and familiarize themselves with any technical equipment they will use (projectors, wireless microphones, and so on). Lastly, determine the actual event start and end time, and make sure to leave time for the AV team to strike the equipment upon event completion. Once the schedule is in place, communicate it with all involved parties.


Before the Event

Send out the event cue sheet to the presenters, AV team, and any other necessary members. This gives all involved parties an overview of the above-discussed scheduling from A to Z and also features additional information such as directions, load-in instructions, and the contact information for all key persons. Make sure to follow up with the team to see if any changes in scheduling need to be made.


The Presentations

Once the event is in full swing, it is important to not only keep things running smoothly and on time, but to be prepared to react quickly to potential problems that may arise. As always, the event planner is the liaison between the AV team and the organization/presenter, and should actively work to resolve any issues as fast as possible. Any technical problems should immediately be brought to the audiovisual provider’s attention.

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