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In-House AV vs. Outsourced AV

  You have your event planned and booked at your..

In-House AV vs. Outsourced AV


In-House AV vs. Outsourced AV

You have your event planned and booked at your venue of choice. Time to buckle down with all the details!

Your Venue of choice tells you they offer their very own in-house AV services! It may sound great, but is that what you want? What if you want to use an outside AV supplier with whom you have a trusted relationship?


We have compiled some information that my help you make an informed decision:

Definition of In-House AV

There are three possibilities:

  • The hotel, convention center or other event venue will have contracted an AV company to provide them with their services in exchange for a percentage of their revenue.
  • The venue may have a “preferred vendor” list, which would include one or more local AV companies that have bid for and earned the partnership.
  • An employee may have been hired to run the AV department within the venue.


Definition of Outsourced AV

Simply put, this would mean any AV company of your choice. WARNING: If you choose to use an outsourced AV production partner, read the venue’s contract carefully and negotiate any punitive fees or restrictions prior to signing.


PRO’s of using In-House AV

  • They will have already been vetted for such details as adequate insurance.
  • Its’ more of a One-Stop-Shop: you can book the venue, and plan the event AV details at the same time without having to   do your own research.
  • They will be more familiar with the venue and it’s intricacies.
  • You will feel a level of comfort in the fact that they have prior work history and have been acknowledged by the venue as a reliable and professional source for services.


CON’s of using In-House AV

  • The AV equipment on site may not be varied or up to date.
  • They may be simultaneously staging several events in the facility and therefore not assigned exclusively to your event.
  • Your project manager may also be….. The banquet manager ?!
  • Depending on who the In-House AV provider is: make sure your event is not where they try new equipment and processes for the first time!
  • You may end up with “cookie-cutter” events that lack creativity.


PRO’s of using Outsourced AV

  • They will have the latest in cutting edge equipment.
  • You will have experts on your team who work exclusively in the AV field.
  • You will be assigned an exclusive project manager to handle your event.
  • Your professional AV Company of choice doesn’t have to pay the venue a percentage. The money you pay them will go directly into providing you with the best AV technology and support!
  • If you have used the vendor in the past, you have a solid relationship and they are accustomed to your needs and expectations. Nothing beats a great team whom you can trust time and time again.


CON’s of using Outsourced AV

  • Please do write to let us know of any you can think of! We couldn’t!


Here’s to your next FABULOUS event!

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