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Successful Business Events for the new Millennium

Who are Millennials? Forming the fastest growing segment of the..

Successful Business Events for the new Millennium

Business events for the new millenniumWho are Millennials?

Forming the fastest growing segment of the work force, Millennials are the generation born roughly between 1980 and 2000. They are very tech savvy, environmentally conscious, social media dependent and competitive. When planning your next business event, you must take them and their preferences into consideration.

The old fashioned events that were focused on a traditional conference hall, a glass of wine followed by a keynote speaker making an informative speech are over! Your events these days need to be engaging, fun and original … conducive not only to dialogue, but also polylogue (multiple people within the same conversation.)
You need to create an immersive experience that captivates this specific age group.

Your checklist:

• Provide a digital Platform for everything from registration to sign in and more. (Paper is so passé!)

• Come up with a Hashtag to encourage social media exposure (#AwesomeEvent!)

• Make certain your venue offers good WiFi and a charging station (a lounge will encourage networking while re-charging!)

• Choose a creative, original or exotic venue (Set the imagination on fire!)

• Offer a Locally sourced organic delicious menu (being health conscious and eco-conscious is cool / foot-print matters!)

• Innovative Bar menu / Signature drink to mesh with your theme (Mix it up!)

• Provide attractive lighting and ambiance (photos are awesome.. looking good will encourage social media posts!)

• Keep the speeches short and offer interactive team building opportunities (Attention spans are limited!)

• Use an event-planning APP that will help pull the whole event together (digital is the only way!)

Now you will have caught their attention, and chances are they will attend your event eagerly, ready to engage in learning, networking and team building! Here’s to your success!

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