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Unbelievably Gorgeous Special Effects for your next Event!

Want to blow away the audience at your next event?..

Unbelievably Gorgeous Special Effects for your next Event!

Unbelievably Gorgeous Special Effects for your next Event!

Want to blow away the audience at your next event?

Here are some beautiful and impressive ways to incorporate the latest in special effect technology into your program.

Laser effects have become increasingly innovative and state of the art. Laser show producers have three general types of shows for you to choose from:


These are shows that have already been produced. They come with general themes such as Holidays, achievements and patriotism, achievement etc. This type of show is the least expensive.



This type of Laser show may be the best value. Your company logos, or perhaps a form of custom animation sequence gets incorporated into a stock show. If the already-existing show is appropriate for your event, this option results in a custom look at almost a stock price!



Just like it sounds, everything will be created especially for you: the music, the storyboard, the images and so on. The cost of producing custom artwork and choreographing to music will not be cheap, but will be well worth the expense.


Some elaborate and innovative special effect options also include the following:


Dancing Fountain Systems:

If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, you will have seen the magnificent fountains at The Bellagio  that will mesmerize any audience. One can create various special effects by projecting laser graphics onto fountain systems. An unlimited amount of dazzling shows can be programmed which can include choreographed movements to the music of your choice.


Water Screens:

Acting as large rear projection screen for projection of video and laser images, water screens provide truly stunning displays. Projected images (your Company Logo for example) seemingly appear from nowhere and float over water.



Talk about a WOW factor for your event! There are companies such as Musion that provide groundbreaking 3D holographic projection techniques. Who remembers the resurrection of the late rapper Tupac Shakur at Coachella in 2012?


Computerized Pyrotechnics And Special Effects:

Fireworks, flame projection, flame on water effect, fire fountains and water cannons and so on can produce stunning effects that are essential elements in world class multimedia show spectaculars.


There are endless possibilities to create an unforgettable event. Consult with your AV Rental Provider consultant and make sure you are informed of all the latest in special effects!

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