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Virtual Meetings

      Gone are the days where the only..

Virtual Meetings



Virtual Meetings


Gone are the days where the only option to attend nationwide or worldwide meetings was to physically travel with airplanes, cars or trains.

With the introduction of cutting edge technology, today’s business meetings can be easily attended virtually. Most of us, and especially Millenials, have very strong opinions regarding preservation of the environment, and are incredibly efficient with mobile devices or technology in general. Virtual Meetings enable participants to join in from multiple locations all over the globe, hence the concept has become more and more appealing.

When you are holding a virtual event, there are all sorts of technologies available to embellish the experience such as: Social media sources (sharing information in real-time), recording the meeting to facilitate note-taking and having data available for review in case you missed anything, video recording for future broadcasting. You can easily conduct a Q&A session, distribute material without having to incur the expense of printing (not to mention the environmental benefits), and make power point presentations which can be broadcast at the push of a button. Now just wait until you hear about developments in holographic telepresence where systems can project realistic, full-motion, real-time 3D images of distant people and objects into a room, along with real-time audio communication, with a level of realism rivaling physical presence! All of this can be done with the ease and convenience of your location at your office or even from your home.

Reasons to consider holding a virtual meeting:


-Reduction of Carbon footprint

-Time management

-Cost effectiveness



Types of Virtual Meetings:

Video phone calls or conferences (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, LifeHacker etc.)

Tele-conferences or Web-Conferencing (GoToMeeting, UberConference etc.)



Live Internet radio



In order to maximize the impact of your virtual meeting or presentation, make sure you are prepared with the latest audiovisual technology and equipment. It is imperative to match the correct tools and technology to your meeting objectives, so hiring a professional AV advisor who will be proficient in that respect would be very wise. You will want to ensure that your remote audience can see and hear everything very clearly. From microphones to LED Screens and lighting, ViS Solutions can help!

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